Believe it or not, we all have wondered at some moments in our life that which type of headset rules over another. To be honest, even many musicophiles found it difficult to answer straight away.  With the advancement of technology, new innovations are holding the positions of old ones. But, this is not true with wireless headsets, at least not completely true. Let us analyze what unique feats each versions offer. In this comprehensive guide, many factors are consider to help you take the firm decision for yourself.

Wireless Connection Types
The Showdown: Sound Quality
The Showdown: Freedom And Battery Life
The Showdown: Pricetag

Wireless Connection Types

Here is the foremost thing you should always consider while going for a wireless headset- not all wireless headsets are equal. The quality of wireless technology varies with a great difference in the market. In such situations, popular and veteran brands are more preferable. Being said that, another thing to look after is the wireless medium of your headset. There are two types of medium, used in a wireless headset- Bluetooth Connectivity, and 2.4GHz radio signals. You might’ve guessed it that both of them have unique pros and cons too.



  • Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Generally more affordable


  • Lower sound quality
  • Shorter range

Bluetooth headsets are more visible in the market as compared another, and there is an obvious reason too, compatibility. If you’re looking for freedom and compatibility to use the headset with multiple devices, Bluetooth are great to go. The older versions of Bluetooth do have a bad reputation of providing poor audio quality, as their priorities were never to quality music to us, so can’t blame them completely. However, those days are long passed and now you can rely on these headsets that come with newer version of Bluetooth. 



  • Better sound quality
  • Longer range


  • Needs own wireless dongle to connect
  • Limited compatibility

Wireless headsets, on the other hand, best serve the purpose of personal computing or professional works. They work with the help of little dongle that you’ve to place into your PC. Another reason of choosing these headsets over Bluetooth are their superior sound quality, as no concept of busy wireless environment exists here. 

Also, do remember that to use it on different devices, they need to have an available USB port for the dongle and should support the headset as well.

The Showdown Wired Vs Wireless Headphone

I hope that you’re now crystal clear about the types of wireless headsets, you can go after. Now, let us begin the battle, shall we? Different parameters are taken here to give you an overall idea about both types of headset- wireless and wired.

Sound Quality

The first and foremost thing, even a layman would love to know is the Sound Quality. 

Here is the bottom line that I want to contour right from the beginning. The sound quality of a headset doesn’t only depend on the type of medium but to numerous other factors. Moreover, it is quite obvious that a wireless headset of Rs10K will provide a sound quality much superior than a 2K wired one.

The best way to have an overall opinion about the sound quality of these headsets is by looking at the bitrates. And, the wired headset connection does have an upper hand in terms of bitrates than wireless connections. However, I’m not stating the verdict here.

In most of the cases, bitrates doesn’t have that much of an importance. Digital audio rarely reaches bitrates that are not supported by a quality wireless connection. Thus, you should never look for a wireless headset if you’re specially listening to top-quality lossless digital audios or analog records such as vinyl. But in the gaming audio and MP3 arena, there’s hardly anything to notice a difference.

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Freedom And Battery Life

These are the factors that will make differences for you. Coming to the wired headsets first, of course they can be a hassle to manage as we all are familiar with tangled cables, small limited range of movement. But, here is a good thing, you’ll not have to worry about the battery charging and even replacements issues!

Talking about wired headsets, wireless will allow you to roam freely; generally a headset comes with a decent connectivity range of 10 meters. Although, they will still limit you with bothersome cables for charging. There’s more to the charging factor, it depends on the price range, manufacturing brand, model, and what not. 

Price Tag

You might have guess so far that which one is economical than other. The wired headseats demand less technical complexities that set the price of these devices in a budget-friendly price ranges. You’ll always find out that the wireless headset of same driver length do have a decent price hikes, as there are many complexities lead by the wireless medium that needs to be solve.


So, have you got your answer of Wired Vs Wireless Headphone? The fight between these two mediums will always be a trending topics in social forums. Among these time, companies will frequently amaze us by bringing something totally out of the box. 

In my opinion, going for the wired headset will be the ultimate decision for you if you’re a gaming nerd and sits in front of his desk for long continuous hours.

While, the wireless gives you the freedom to roam and allows you to do other work at the same time.

However, the final verdict is on you. Which one are you going for Wired Vs Wireless Headphone? Comment below.