Prebuilt Vs Custom PC

Prebuilt Vs Custom PC: Is it better to get a Prebuilt PC that’s plug-and-play compatible or build your own from scratch? Well, here’s a guide that helps you decide what to choose Prebuilt Vs Custom PC.

Both Prebuilt and Custom PCs have their pros and cons. It all depends on your budget, time, and the current market changes. Yet, you must be familiar with what you’re looking for in a PC. Thus, here’s a list of different aspects in Prebuilt vs Custom PCs. 


The old saying of building your own PC is cost-effective isn’t true anymore. Both Nvidia and AMD have shown incapability in keeping up with the demand for graphic cards. Besides, crypto currency miners are using bolts to buy these cards in bundles. So, GPU and RAM prices have doubled over the past six months. Thus, it might be hard for game builders to get these cards at the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). 

But the good news is you can get Prebuilt PCs equipped with these high-end graphic cards from PC building teams. The cost of these PCs is cheaper than Custom PCs for the same hardware. Because the company purchases all these parts in bundles before manufacturing. It further helps if you can keep an eye out for discounts on online retails for these PCs.


With custom PCs, you can pick up some specific parts that suit your needs and avoid the rest. This helps you not to spend on overpowered or unnecessary components. 

The adjustments will make the required hardware upgrades in a Prebuilt PC, making it more efficient. These changes include increasing or decreasing the RAM, switching HDD(Hard disk drive)to SSD(Solid-state drive) storage, etc. 

Nonetheless, future-proofing is an issue to consider in a Prebuilt gaming PC. Some Prebuilt PCs have older CPUs that can reduce the upgradeability of the system. So, it might be useful if you are aware of some of the specifications you want to include in your PC(for example, CPU or GPU). Besides, prevent using overly-dated components to avoid wasting money on future upgrades.

Tech Support and Warranty:

A Prebuilt PC will better serve if having tech support after the purchase is your priority. These PCs often come with a protection plan available. So, you can immediately contact the tech support system for help in case of any difficulty. Moreover, the warranty for a Prebuilt PC includes every single part of it. Thus, it avoids the hassle to deal alone with the defective parts for the gamer. The downside to it is in most cases this warranty will only last for 1-3 years.  

Unlike the above, The warranty in a Custom PC is separate for each piece of hardware. Most of them will come up with a 3-year warranty plan, extending it to 10 years. For example- Nvidia provides a 10-year warranty on its graphic cards. Hence, we prefer Custom PCs, considering long-term protection. Thus, the pitfall is you have to put in the work of detecting and replacing the faulty unit from the system. 

Thus, both Custom and Prebuilt PCs have their own forms of protection plans. 


Custom PC provides some serious gaming performance with lots of fun while gaming. But these days, you can find a Prebuilt PC that can compete with a Custom PC’s performance. 

Today’s Prebuilt PCs can run even the most demanding triple-A games with at least 60fps at 1080 resolution. Thus, by being aware of what features to look for, you can enjoy gaming with a Prebuilt PC as well.


If you are a tech-savvy, Custom PC can serve better than depending on a Prebuilt PC. If not, you can take the help of various companies out there that build these systems on order. But this costs much as these companies charge a fee for their services.

But for gamers who don’t want to deal with the hassle of cable management, a Prebuilt PC is the most convenient way to go. You can get a good PC with the smallest knowledge of the specs required.

Assemble Time:

One can go for a Prebuilt PC if time constraint is one of the factors. It is a whole set of mouse, a keyboard, and a CPU with the pre-installed operating system. So, you can use the system on its delivered date itself. 

The construction of a Custom PC starts after the company ships all the ordered parts. So, the duration depends on how fast the company delivers the ordered components. The time you took for researching and the complexity of the system also matters here.  


Peripherals like the keyboard, macro keys, backlit color LEDs, etc will have a great impact while gaming. Unfortunately, these peripherals in a Prebuilt PC are low-quality stuff. You have to replace them for a serious gaming experience. Thus, it costs you more to buy these with the PC system and then replace them later. 

Fortunately, you can avoid this issue in a Custom PC since you will choose those gadgets at the time of building itself. Thus, saving some money in your pockets. 

Conclusion of Prebuilt Vs Custom PC:

Finally, we would recommend a Prebuilt PC to you or for your company if you are new to gaming technology. This will save you time and effort in picking up what to include in a PC. You can also save time by getting the manufacturer’s help if any problem arises within the system. 

On the flip side, a Custom PC will always give you the joy of building each piece together into a computer. So, it isn’t wrong to opt for a Custom PC if budget and time aren’t considerable factors for you.