FAU-G was announced back in September. As the alternative for the multiplayer game PUBG

So FAU-G has finally launched on India’s 72nd Republic Day, January 26, Let’s take an overview of the gameplay of FAU-G. FAU-G is developed by nCore Games, a Bengaluru based Tech company, FAUG’s first episode is based in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley.

FAU-G launch date

FAU-G is launched on India’s 72nd Republic Day, January 26.

First impression and Gameplay: FAU-G

FAU-G will at one point offer gamers three modes: Campaign, Team Deathmatch and Free for all.

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FAU-G Gameplay:

Coming to the Gameplay the story line is best, currently ONLY story mode is available. But to be honest it’s quite disappointing because player has not enough control like jump, prone, fire, run and much more.

Graphics are having glitches and the version have a lot of mechanical bugs, which were noticeable from the get-go. For example, if you were in a tent, you could hit the players trying to get inside. You can see in below screenshot.

Currently moving the cursor and one punch is available which makes the game less interactive. No doubt, which can be added in the updates.

Best of all is game don’t crash while playing.

It is currently available for Android devices running on Android8 or the upper version. However, not available for iOS, but we can expect to hit on iOS App Store in the coming months.

FAU-G: contribution to Indian Army

Putting gameplay and bugs aside this is the patriotic section, which I guess is the best innovation to help out soldiers. Almost 20% of FAU-G game revenue will be donated to the ‘Bharat Ke Veer foundation, which is the best contribution to the Indian army. When player in-app purchase will help contribute to the foundation.

The player can also buy merchandise of FAU-G like T-shirts, hoodies.