Ughh, finding the worthy computing commanders is probably one of the most challenging decisions you would’ve ever made. But, relax, everything will be fine till the end of this article.

Considering the right the best keyboard and mouse combo is a wise option if you’re on a hunt of both the devices. Bringing a combo doesn’t only help save decent money but also save time in deciding two different products. 

Coming back to the question, “Which one shall I buy?”. To be honest, your computing habits will play a significant role in getting this combo hunt done. If you’re a professional worker who devotes continuous hours to a computer, a durable and sturdy combo might be the right fit. On the other hand, a top-notch gamer would require a top-notch combo that comes with some crazy feats. After doing a tonne of research and looking for answers to such questions, we’ve finally made an ultimate list. The list includes only those combos that tackle every type of computing needs. 

As promised to hold your fingers till the end, a comprehensive buying guide is also mentioned at the bottom. The guide comprises everything that might hit you during your combo hunt.  It is advised that do look at the buying guide before making any purchases. 

Let us dive in.

Best Keyboard And Mouse Combos

RankKeyboard And Mouse CombosRatingBest Deals

Zebronics Transformers

Best Offer

Ant Esports KM540

Best Offer

Lenovo 300

Best Offer

Redgear G-20

Best Offer

 Logitech MK215

Best Price

Dell Km117

Best Price

HP GK 1000

Best Price

Full Review on Best Keyboard And Mouse Combos:

1. Zebronics Transformers

Zebronics Transformers


  • Starting with the most robust combo, Zebronics Transformers. Zebronics is one of the few companies that are solely known for bringing innovative and durable products for gaming. Including their product in any of the reliable peripheral list is always a wise choice to consider. This time, the company has come up with the Zebronics Transformer series. 
  • There is a full-size keyboard that contains 104 keys in total, including multimedia keys as well. The 12 multimedia keys provide you with robust control over the computer and make computing easy and hassle-free. Its most appreciable factor is its long lifespan. The company claims a long life of 80 million plus individual presses.
  • It is a durable and sturdy keyboard that is built with high-grade aluminium metal. This ensures a long lifespan of the keyboard as well. At the back of, the 2-step stand is also included to provide you with the most desirable typing experience.  
  • Along with the keyboard, the gaming mouse gives a tough competition to others. It is a 3200dpi gaming mouse  that allows you to set the desirable dpi according to computing needs. With the help of 6 programmable buttons, you can easily assign multiple macros without any ease.
  • The design of the mouse will make you addicted to the use again and again. Moreover, this mouse is equipped with 6 LEDs that provides a whole different look to it. One of the Best Keyboard And Mouse Combos.


  • There is nothing worth mentioning.

2. Ant Esports KM540

“A badass gaming combo that comes with a premium membrane keyboard and a high dpi programmable mouse. The keys here are installed with an independent crater structure to provide adequate space between each key. Thus, improving lifespan and typing experience. Its mouse can be adjusted into four different dpi levels, from 800 to 3200dpi, according to the user’s need.”


  • These are one of the newcomers who are already giving tough competition to the established giants in the market. Ant Esport began their journey recently in 2016, and soon they’ve told us what to expect from them in the future. KM540 is a powerful combo of gaming keyboard and mouse that’ll allow you to play top-notch video games without any worries. Let us deep dive and look further at it.
  • The keyboard here is an attractive full-sized keyboard that is equipped with membrane-type keys. All the keys are placed with an independent crater structure to provide a decent gap among them. By this way, the lifespan of keys increases up to 50 million plus presses and will also make us less fatigued than others. Moreover, the keyboard is designed in such a way that it can resist accidental splits as well.
  • Rainbow colour backlights of the keyboard will grab anyone’s attention in the blink of an eye. Moreover, unlike other keyboard designs, this one is a grey-coloured device that becomes more charming with the backlight. There is also a rubberised wrist rest to prevent your hands from getting strains during continuous hours of gaming. 
  • On the other hand, the mouse of KM540 will undoubtedly become your loyal gaming partner. It is an optical sensor gaming keyboard that comes with an intriguing high dpi of 3200. Also, you can switch between four different dpi levels- 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, according to your gaming and computing needs. 
  • With the help of 7 programmable buttons and such a high dpi, there is nothing left that you can’t achieve with this mouse. Its multiple macro assignments will give you an upper hand while playing MOBA and MMO games.
  • The orange and black colour combination looks robust and somehow increases the personality of your PC setup. This medium-sized mouse will be ergonomic for everyone, regardless of the palm sizes. Also, the rubberised grip at the sides makes the grabbing easily and non-slippy.


  • The backlight of the keyboard is not customisable. . 

3. Lenovo 300 

“One of the best keyboard and mouse combo that costs less than 1000 INR and provides a long warranty period of 3 years. The main purpose of the Lenovo for introducing these products was to provide long lifespan without compromising performance. It’s a lightweight full-sized keyboard device that is rigorously tested under quality check. The spit-proof characteristics also add more points to the durability factor. The mouse of this combo is a perfectly weighted 1600dpi mouse that is preferable with every palm size.”


  • No one can predict the moves of Lenovo precisely, they never settle to provide us with quality products, and 300 combo is no exception. This combo will be the best choice for those who love robust products without leaving the comfort of their budget range.
  • The combo includes a full-sized combo keyboard that is made with durable ABS plastic to provide strength and lightweight characteristics. Its membrane keys don’t only feel smooth and soft to type but also are being passed through rigorous tests for quality check. Thus, no matter how recklessly you’re typing the keys, the keyboard will not disappoint you in terms of performance. 
  • Another adorable factor that adds more points for considering this combo in the first place is its liquid-proof characteristic. Therefore, the keyboard doesn’t only is capable of bearing physical pressure but will resist accidental water spits as well—an ideal choice for both youngsters and busy workplaces.
  • To perform well and prove equally worthy along with the keyboard, the 300 combo’s mouse also gives a tough competition to others. It is an optical sensor mouse that comes with appreciable dpi of 1600 to bear any computing needs without any hassle.
  • It is probably the most perfectly weighted mouse in the market that weighs almost 130 grams. The size of the mouse is also preferable to almost every palm size. Thus, zero to minimum fatigue occurs even after continuous hours of computing.


  •  Nothing worth mentioning.

4. Redgear G-20 

“G-20 combo will be an ideal choice for professional gamers who want high-end feats without leaving the comfortable budget range. Firstly, the combo includes a semi-mechanical keyboard whose keys are equipped with floating keycap design. This will provide an utmost typing experience to the user. The gaming mouse that combo includes is an optical sensing mouse with high dpi of 4800. Also, there are seven programmable buttons to assign multiple macros for easy gaming experiences.”


  • It is so much intriguing to see when newcomers give a tough competition to other giants in the market. The Redgear brand hasn’t even completed their ten years, but so far, they never fail to amaze their audience. And their Redgear G-20 combo is no exception, that comes with gaming keyboard and mouse in an economical price range. 
  • There is a semi-mechanical gaming keyboard that is equipped with premium double injected keys. Gaming with this keyboard, even for a short period will give you a different level of experience. Moreover, the floating keycap design looks excellent and provides appropriate distance and demands less pressing force.   
  • The keyboard is equipped with beautiful backlight that will add more points to its appearance. With the help of a single switch feature, you can switch the back lights without any hassle. Also, the 16.8 million colour customisations will provide you with a desirable appearance. Using stainless steel as a built-in material is a wise option from the company, as it weighs less and provides durability as well.
  • Coming to the attractive mouse of this combo that grabs anyone’s attention in the blink of an eye. It is an optical gaming mouse that comes with a high dpi of 4800 to take the most precise shots while gaming. 
  • Seven completely programmable buttons will give you an upper hand when playing in a multiple players arena. Also, this top-notch can store up to five different memory profiles. Thus, getting the most favorable settings according to your gaming and computing needs.


  • The mouse is quite heavy in weight.

5. Logitech MK215

“MK12 combo includes some of the all-time best products of the Logitech brand. The combo comprises wireless keyboard and mouse that provide seamless connectivity even in the busiest wireless network room. The unique feature that the keyboard has is, it shares the signals in 128 bit AES encryption to protect the data from any breaching attempts. Its wireless mouse, on the other hand, is also built-with balanced weight and ergonomic structure for hassle-free computing experience.”


  • Introducing you with one of the most leading computer peripheral companies, Logitech. Logitech MK215 is one of the best decisions that undoubtedly impact the goodwill of the company. Providing a durable mouse and keyboard as the combo allows the customer to get a happy and worry-free purchase.
  • With such a budget-friendly price tag, you’ll get a full-sized wireless keyboard. Yeah, you heard that right. Getting wireless technology sets your expectation high, right from the beginning. This keyboard works with the help of 2.4Ghz of connector that provides seamless working experience within the 10 meters of range.  
  • Along with all the necessary keys the keyboard also includes media hotkeys and Fn button for robust control over the device. One of the rare features that make the product more trusted is 128 bit AES encryption. This provides an additional layer of security and prevents hackers and crackers from accessing your real-time presses. 
  • At the left of the keyboard, there is a greyish-battery holder for setting things up. The device works with the help of two AAA batteries that will last up to a long period of two years.  The keys here are membrane-type that are whisper quiet. Thus, you’ll barely hear any sound even in the silence of the late night.
  • Similarly, its wireless mouse is a decent-weighted wireless mouse that works under the same specifications. The two AAA batteries will last more than six months in general.


  • There is no Caps Lock indicator.

6. Dell Km117

“Another wireless combo from the side of Dell that is mainly built-for professional and office purposes. It includes a traditional-looking full-sized keyboard that has all the necessary keys, including Caps Lock and Power Status indicators. With such affordable pricing, the company provides a Laser sensing mouse for top-notch performance.”

7. HP GK 1000

“Comes with an aesthetic keyboard that includes a gaming attitude in it. Its soft and durable keys have a long lifespan of 10 million plus presses and are meant for long hours of computing. Mouse of the combo is also up to the mark that is meant for general computing purposes, including moderate gaming as well. There is also a sleek blue strip running across the body of a mouse that adds more points to its appearance.”


  • Introducing you with the product of one of the trusted and valuable companies in the world. HP has provided seamless services since 1940; it reflects how well the company understands the needs of their customers. The HP Combo GK1000 is a no exception. This combo will be an ideal choice for general-purpose computing that can also bear moderate gaming needs with ease.
  • The keyboard here is a full-sized keyboard that comes with an aesthetic look. Its protruding design at the bottom and top makes the device look sturdy and robust. Moreover, the design also acts as the palm rest that gives you an upper hand to work for long hours of computing. 
  • The keyboard is equipped with premium membrane keys and are installed with decent height for the better pressing experience. You’ll experience that the keys are floating during continuous hours of computing. The company also claims that these keys have a long lifespan of 10 million presses each.
  • Talking about the mouse that you’ll get with the combo. A sleek-designed mouse with accurate optical tracking technology. It is best suited for every type of computing, whether it’s a professional work or moderate level gaming. There is also a stylish blue stripe running along the mouse that looks classy and adds more points to its look.


  • Not preferable for high-end gaming.

Wondering Which Will Be The Best? Buying Guide

This guide will help you in the last process of finding your best combo devices. Every factor is mentioned below that might’ve hit you while reading the list. It would be best if you cross-checked everything to make a secure and satisfying purchase. 

For keyboard

Difference: Mechanical Keyboard and Membrane Keyboard

To be precise and accurate, choosing a mechanical keyboard over a membrane will always be considered wise. However, there are many genuine reasons why companies place membrane design in a keyboard. Its one of the most common cause is to lower down the actual price of keyboards. Let us have a broader view of these types and what will be suitable according to your computer needs.  

Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards came to the market in the early 80s when uses of polyesters were about to explode. These keyboards are covered by a thin membrane, known as ‘pressure pads’. This pad holds unique symbols and values at specific positions; in the whole keyboard, no separate keys are needed. 

However, the process leads to some disadvantages as compared to mechanical. Some of them are-

More effort is required for pressing keys that can be realised only after prolonged usage of them. 

Shorter life, as the membrane tends to damage after a while.

You might be wondering then why membrane keyboards were introduced? The significant advantage of membrane keyboards over mechanical is its production cost. As in this, there are no needs of complex switches, which usually require special efforts and time for normal functioning. And the quality too was not much compromised. 

Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are often known as traditional keyboards as they were introduce earlier. Keys in the mechanical keyboards are detachable, as there are switches behind each key. These switches finally send the specific signals to the CPU for inputting data.

Here is the exciting thing. The trend of using mechanical keyboards came back to the market in the previous decade only. But, the benefit of using a mechanical keyboard, in the long run, came to awareness in the past decade only. Working with mechanical devices provides more control over a keyboard. It will also reduce fatigues and strain from your fingers up to an extent, even after long hours of computing.

Mechanical keyboards are also easily cleanable, as you can pick every button and clean the surface with a dry cloth. Although, it is suggested that you should watch a tutorial about how to clean mechanical boards if doing it for the first time. 

A membrane keyboard is enough to bear all the load for general-purpose computing, including moderate gaming as well. However, the features mentioned above make a mechanical keyboard the first choice for computer nerds, like typers, programmers, and professional gamers. They are happy to pay an extra penny from their wallet!


As a newcomer, people might fail to understand the importance of having a badass backlight on the keyboard. The backlights are mainly preferable in the gaming world. Having a bright and customisable backlit allows you to play your intense gaming battles with full potential. Here’s an interesting example- you’re slowly walking towards the castle, trying not to give any clues to the enemy. At this moment, which backlight colour will soothe your brain better, red or green? Did you get it, right? 

For Mouse

Difference: Optical Mouse And Laser Mouse

The optical and laser mouse shares a long history of the computer world as they are the most successful versions among every type of computer mice. Moreover, these mouse-types are the gift of real innovation that completely changed our expectations about a computer mouse. Before you start making an assumption, which one is better than the other, let me sort it out. Each one of them comes with their pros and cons. Now, let’s discuss the factors that will affect our computing experience.

Optical Mouse

Optical Mouse or Optical LED mouse is the best version in terms of the genuine usability of DPI.  This mouse will give you the most precise and accurate cursor control. Besides general computing, having a controlled DPI can enhance your gaming skills, especially in FPS and MOBA games. Besides, you can also use this mouse in your professional designing and editing projects.

Optical mouse generally comes with a decent economic difference than laser mouse. This allows you to pick a powerful product even if you’re facing a budget issue.

Here is one of the major drawbacks of an optical mouse. The optical mouse is not compatible with every surface type. Transparent or too much reflective surfaces like a glass or a shiny plywood base of the table can reduce the performance of a mouse. But, there is nothing to worry at all; placing a mouse pad will ensure the peak performance of the mouse.

Laser Mouse

Laser Mouse or Laser sensor mouse is equipped with the newest and most advanced technology in the market. A laser sensor is use in place of a regular LED sensor that increases the sensitivity of a mouse and provides one of the fastest cursor movements. This type of mouse has always been the first choice for every pro-level gamer. Using a laser mouse in MMO games will give you an upper hand as these games demand zero-delays in the reflexes to achieve success.

Its supportiveness for every surface is the other factor that keeps it ahead of an optical mouse. You don’t need a mouse pad to maintain the mouse’s performance and sensitivity.

Coming to the drawback of the laser sensor mice, these mice tend to have a slight variation of inaccuracy. The problem mainly occurs when you keep changing the speed of the mouse cursor very frequently. In such a case, the laser sensor interprets a false physical movement. However, this change in inaccuracy is mostly unnoticeable and will not create any issues most of the time. 


DPI is an acronym for dots per inch, where a dot refers to the number of pixels. It tells you about how many dots a cursor will move in every inch of displacement. In simple words, the sensitivity factor we usually talk about is somehow dependent on the DPI of the mouse. 

The normal rule states- Mice with higher DPI will cover more distance in less movement. In gaming too, a high DPI mouse is generally preferable, mostly FPS and MOBA types. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you should be freaked out for hunting some of the highest DPI mice. Mice with too much DPI sensitivity is never being used. Ask yourself, will you prefer a mouse whose cursor just roams around the screen by merely touching? Moreover, many tasks require more precise and slow cursor controls. Even during games, getting ready for a gunshot will be much accurate with optimum DPI. To cope with this issue, the companies provide us with a mouse that has DPI customisation. You’ll have to click a few buttons to get the desired number according to your work.

Macro Creation

The macro creation is the factor that makes a particular gaming mouse stand apart from other competitors. It is also very crucial from the perspective of playing top-notch video games. The gaming mice generally have 6 to 12 customisable buttons according to the budget and other features. This implies you can assign these numbers of macros or hotkeys to your mouse, thus gaining more controlling power with more keys. An important point to consider is that not only the number of buttons but also the types of features a corresponding software provides is equally important.

Weight And Design

When was the last time you’ve grabbed a mouse for just five minutes? We all know that even general computing took long continuous hours and when it comes to gaming, no one finishes with just a match. To get the minimum fatigues, at least physically, the mouse should have favourable weight and design.

An ideal weight range of a gaming mouse is from 110 grams to 150 grams. It should be slightly heavier than general-purpose mice. It allows you to give a firm and sturdy grip so that it doesn’t move quickly and, at the same time, is comfortable moving willingly. To get a more personalised weighing setup, some gaming mice also come with a weight tuning system. Here you just need to adjust the weight of the mouse according to your comfort level.

The mouse’s design is another level that decides whether you’ve made a satisfying purchase or not. A mouse with a discomforting design will make your hands tired in the short run only. Thus, tiredness will distract you from giving 100% in the game. The rubberised grip, matte-finish, and thumb rest are critical identification of an ergonomic mouse.

For Best Keyboard And Mouse Combos


The warranty period becomes more critical with the increasing price range. However, it is always considered wise to look after the warranty of the product, regardless of its price. Moreover, this will also allow us to trust the durability and sturdiness of the Best Keyboard And Mouse Combos. 

When it comes to the warranty of a combo, the company reduces it a bit as compared to individual products. It happens because the company is now betting on two products together. On the flip side, you don’t need to worry about this thing. Both the keyboard and mouse tend to live much longer than their warranty period.

The bottom line you should consider here is one year of the replaceable warranty period. Many brands such as Lenovo 300 even provide us with a three long years warranty.  


The budget for your purchase is what matters the most. It is quite simple, the more you’ll seek features, the higher you’ll pay. However, the list includes all the Best Keyboard And Mouse Combos within a budget-friendly price range. They are enough to cover every computing needs.


You might have decided your favourite pick so far. My only advice for you is just don’t get too much tangled among the choices. After all, the main motto is to get the desired performance and not stress. Even if you’re feeling dizzy with the options they may be my favourite recommendation will be helpful for you. The Zebronics Transformer will give you an upper hand while playing top-notch video games. The combo serves everything that you’ll require on the way.  On the other hand, the Lenovo 300 will tend to prove valuable if your primary reasons are professional and general computing.  

I hope the above information will help you to get a secure and satisfying purchase. Are you aware of any other worthy Best Keyboard And Mouse Combos that isn’t mentioned in the list? If so, please say it in the comment box to help others on their purchase. Also, if you’ve any queries related to the topic, do ask it in the comment section. Our team will contact you in no time.